Monday, July 26, 2010


ABC Quant Launches New Risk Management Platform Powered by BarclayHedge Alternative Investment Databases

FAIRFIELD, Iowa – July 26, 2010—BarclayHedge, Ltd, a premier provider of alternative investment performance data, today announced that ABC Quant, LLC, a leading provider of risk management analytical solutions for the hedge fund industry, has launched Quant Suite Barclay Edition. The new application, powered by Barclay databases, offers a broad choice of advanced analytical tools for institutional investors and investment advisors.

BarclayHedge is powering the new platform through access to its broad range of hedge fund, fund of fund and managed futures (CTA) databases. Barclay databases offer the industry’s most comprehensive quantitative and qualitative information for more than 5,800 alternative investment vehicles across all strategies and asset classes. Quant Suite Barclay Edition provides automatic data updating twice a month.

Read the entire Quant Suite Barclay Edition Press Release by clicking here.

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Monday, July 19, 2010


Barclay CTA Index Gains 0.24% in June; Currency and Agricultural Traders Lead the Pack in H1

FAIRFIELD, Iowa, July 19, 2010– Managed futures gained 0.24% in June according to the Barclay CTA Index compiled by BarclayHedge. The Index is down 1.04% for the first six months of 2010.

“Risk aversion driven by concerns of a ‘double-dip’ recession helped push global bond prices higher again in June, providing profitable trading opportunities for managers favoring the long side of the interest rate markets,” says Sol Waksman, founder and president of BarclayHedge.

Read the entire Managed Futures Press Release by clicking here.

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Friday, July 16, 2010


Barclay Hedge Fund Index Down 0.96% in June; Hedge Funds Slightly Above Break Even After Two Quarters

FAIRFIELD, Iowa, July 16, 2010– Hedge funds lost 0.96% in June according to the Barclay Hedge Fund Index compiled by BarclayHedge. The Index is now up 0.13% year-to-date.

All but five of Barclay’s hedge fund indexes lost ground in June. The Barclay Equity Long Bias Index fell 2.95%, Healthcare and Biotechnology lost 2.62%, the Technology Index was down 2.22%, Equity Long/Short lost 1.78%, and Pacific Rim Equities were down 1.52%.

Read the entire Hedge Fund Press Release by clicking here.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Setting Up a Hedge Fund - Part Two

“Setting Up a Hedge Fund – Part Two” is the second installment of two articles on this subject, written by Dermot Butler, Chairman of Custom House Global Funds Services Ltd.

In his second paper, Butler continues to detail the process of establishing a hedge fund and provides some tools that are helpful in initiating the process.

Read the full study here.

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Fund Launches

To see the latest hedge funds, fund of funds and CTAs that have launched recently or will be launching soon click here. Fund Managers who would like to see their new fund listed on Barclay’s website and featured in the next Insider Report, can submit new fund launch press releases directly to Below is a list of recent fund launches:

From the July 2010 issue of Barclay's Insider Report. Accredited investors can subscribe to the full newsletter for free.

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Dedicated Short Bias Hedge Funds – Just a one trick pony?

By Ciara Connolly, Dept. of Accounting, Finance & Information Systems, University College Cork; and Mark C. Hutchinson, Dept. of Accounting, Finance & Information Systems and Centre for Investment Research, University College Cork

During the recent period of significant market unrest - 2007 & 2008 - dedicated short bias (DSB) hedge funds exhibited strong results while many other hedge fund strategies suffered. In their paper, Connolly and Hutchinson investigate DSB hedge funds' performance over an extended period to determine if the strategy is more than just a "one-trick pony."

Download the full article here.

From the July 2010 issue of Barclay's Insider Report. Accredited investors can subscribe to the full newsletter for free.

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May Hedge Fund & CTA Performance

Hedge funds had a negative month in May reflected by loses in seventeen of our eighteen indices. The average return for the 2,849 hedge funds (ex. FoFs) that have so far reported a May return is -3.22%. The estimates for June, along with the number of funds reporting for each of our 18 sectors can be found at the link below. These indices are being continually updated as current returns for the underlying hedge funds are recorded into our system. As of this writing, 15 of 18 hedge fund sectors are showing negative returns for June.

Commodity Trading Advisor performance for May as measured by the Barclay CTA Index averaged -1.01%. June's estimate based on the performance of the Barclay BTOP50 Index is -0.32%.

Hedge Fund Indices Managed Futures Indices

From the July 2010 issue of Barclay's Insider Report. Accredited investors can subscribe to the full newsletter for free.

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Monday, July 12, 2010


Hedge Funds Post Inflow of $4.0 Billion in May; Only 19% of Hedge Fund Managers Bullish on S&P 500 According to Survey

New York, NY – July 12, 2010 – TrimTabs Investment Research and BarclayHedge reported that the hedge fund industry posted an estimated inflow of $4.0 billion, or 0.3% of assets, in May 2010, the third inflow in four months. But poor performance drove industry assets to $1.58 trillion in May from $1.61 trillion in April, the first decline since July 2009.

“Performance was poor in May,” said Sol Waksman, CEO of BarclayHedge. “Hedge funds posted a negative return of 3.2%, the worst since October 2008. But flow data won’t show a hit until June because most funds allow redemptions only on a quarterly basis.”

Read the entire TrimTabs Asset Flows into Hedge Funds Press Release by clicking here.

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The TrimTabs/BarclayHedge Survey of Hedge Fund Managers

The topical study from the July 2010 issue of The Hedge Fund Flow Report. Gain insight into industry trends and hedge fund asset flows before you make your next important decision.

Accredited investors can read the entire article for free.

From the July 2010 issue of The Hedge Fund Flow Report. The Hedge Fund Flow Report combines the accuracy of the BarclayHedge database with the analytical insight of TrimTabs Investment Research. The report is generated by TrimTabs Investment Research using the most current data on thousands of hedge funds. An annual subscription includes 12 monthly updates as well as a spreadsheet containing historical flow aggregates by category.

To download a free sample of the entire TrimTabs Hedge Fund Flow Report, simply fill out this short request form.

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