Tuesday, October 7, 2014


TrimTabs and BarclayHedge Report Hedge Funds Add $18.4 Billion in August but Underperform S&P 500. January-August Inflow of $99.0 Billion Highest since 2007

New York, NY — October 7, 2014 — BarclayHedge and TrimTabs Investment Research reported today that the hedge fund industry took in $18.4 billion (0.8% of assets) in August, the highest inflow in three months and a strong rebound from redemptions of $750 million (0.03% of assets) in July.

“Hedge fund inflows this year are the strongest we’ve seen since the financial crisis,” said Sol Waksman, president and founder of BarclayHedge. “The industry took in $99.0 billion in the first eight months of 2014, more than double the inflow of $47.5 billion in the same period last year.”

Read the entire TrimTabs Asset Flows into Hedge Funds Press Release by clicking here.

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